David Castell in the studio with The Toadies.

Platinum albums. Millions of singles. Multiple top ten hits. Gold in eight countries. David Castell and Derek Taylor are a huge part of the sound of modern radio. Separately and as a team, they have engineered, produced, mixed and mastered some of the biggest names in music – and some of the most fascinating indie artists. Now they’re making their talents available and affordable to you, with David Castell Mastering. We’re living in exciting times for music production and distribution. Home recording, affordable CD duplication, iTunes and streaming services have turned the industry upside down, allowing musicians everywhere to have a shot at big success.

Getting an airplay-ready sound requires more than a home recording rig with all the latest plugins, or a million-dollar studio filled with the greatest vintage gear.  It takes the ears and the experience to transform a good mix into something great, to turn a dozen tracks into a cohesive album, to put the final sheen on your mix that takes it over the top.

“I love my job. I get to hear new talent, give great songs the perfect sound, and enable some of the newest and most exciting unknown artists a shot at success! Who wouldn’t love that? Send me your tracks… let’s level the playing field!