About David Castell Mastering

There’s a lot of sites offering online audio mastering these days.

We’d bet some of them are really good, too (and some are probably just so-so). But we’re glad you’re taking a look at our site.

Mastering isn’t just turning up the treble and bass on a track and maxing out the level. For us, mastering is hearing what the song wants to be. When the mix is decent and the song is “almost there”, it’s about feeling for what’s still missing. Giving the song the kick that makes it something you can’t turn off. Gluing all the tracks together into something big and magic, bigger than the sum of its parts.

Many mastering sites talk about how they have “the gear” and “the experience” but…


RIAA certified gold and platinum, all around the globe.

Over a dozen Top 40 singles across 8 different charts including Rock, Indie, Mainstream and Alternative Dance.  Check out our discography for a look at the artists we’ve worked with.

Our songs have been featured in major motion pictures, on HBO, CBS, MTV, VH1 and the Disney Channel. We have done business with and earned the trust of virtually every major record label in the country as well as many major indies with major label distribution. You can trust David Castell Mastering to make your music the very best it can be.

Things are changing in this business, and nobody on the sales side seems to know what’s next – but you guys, the artists – you’re changing in good ways. Grabbing all the new and affordable technology to record, perform, and distribute your music. You’re making some of the most exciting music in decades, right now. And we think we’re entering a new, golden age of creativity in independent music. We’re psyched for you, and we’ve got your back.



David Castell’s recording career has spanned nearly three decades; his work with many major record labels and independent labels alike includes both platinum-selling national recording artists and unsigned regional acts, and a wide range of musical genres.

One of David’s first recording gigs was for the Mutual Radio Network in a mobile installation at Billy Bob’s, Ft Worth, Texas. David recorded and mixed many country legends for Mutual’s weekly radio broadcasts including Glen Campbell, Reba McIntire, Dottie West, Freddie Fender and David Allen Coe.

Hooked by the mobile recording bug, David built and operated a mobile recording studio that tracked and mixed many of the region’s most popular bands of the time: Course of Empire, Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, BillyGoat, Ten Hands, Fever in the Funkhouse, Pop Poppins, Funland and many others.

Always on the leading edge, David was an early adopter of digital audio and hard-disc recording bringing the first Spectral Synthesis system to the southwestern United States.

He has been instrumental in career albums of Blue October, Burden Brothers, Course of Empire, Deep Blue Something, Toadies, Shock of Pleasure and SouthFM.

Derek Taylor

Derek Taylor brings a unique brand of focus and passion to each and every project he takes on. Working on mixes, masters and production work for the likes of The Toadies, The Burden Brothers, Zac Maloy, Shinedown, David Cook, Three Doors Down, Gavin DeGraw, Sick Puppies, and Carrie Underwood, Derek continues to expand a loyal client base of satisfied artists, engineers and producers. Being a career artist and accomplished guitar guru himself, Derek is someone who understands music and audio intuitively, from the inside out.