Audio Mastering

Do you need mastering for a single, an EP or album, or a Sequenced CD with ISRC codes and CD text? Here’s the scoop!

Our Guarantee:

Singles will be mastered within 5 business days and available for download. Sequenced EPs or Albums will ship within 7 business days. If you’re not satisfied with your master, call or email us with your concerns – we will do a 2nd pass based on your feedback.

For all projects:

We edit the head and tail of the track.
We add compression for level and punch.
We add EQ if needed for clarity, sparkle and kick;
We’ll add fades and repair pops, clicks or noises per your direction;
We’ll use noise reduction if necessary;
Your project will be mastered on reference gear to translate across stereos, cars, iPods and more.

Upload your 44.1 or 48k 16 to 24 bit WAV to this link.

A 2 minute high definition sample will be sent. Once approved you will be billed via PayPal and sent full 16 bit WAV and m4a files.

For Sequenced EP or Album projects:

We’ll sequence the project with the desired amount of space between tracks;
We’ll insert CD Text and ISRC codes if you have obtained them;
We’ll ship you two Redbook-Standard CD discs, ready for replication.
*Contact David for pricing.*